Fountain Gate Students Explore Government Sector

Tuesday 28th March, 2017.
High Achievers Program.

Eleven students from our High Achiever Program at Fountain Gate Secondary College took advantage of the unique opportunity to visit a State Government Department on Thursday March 23rd, to learn about the interesting and diverse careers available and hear about some of their current projects.

Below is what Year 12 Jessica Nikitina-Li had to say about her experience.

“Year 10, 11 and 12 Students were invited to attend a newly developed event run by the DOXA organisation and the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR). The day started with about 10 of us Fountain Gate students travelling into the city, and meeting up with the DOXA team and students from a range of different schools.

The first hour of the event was dedicated to team building activities that brought the group closer together and helped us established some new friendships! At the DEDTJR building, we went on a tour of the (super nice) facilities, and met some DEDTJR staff – which consisted of the transport team, and members of the internship and traineeship programs. They told us what it’s like to work within the state government (their areas in particular). They also gave us valuable advice about careers and schooling, and through a Q and A with the staff – which turned out to be my favourite part of the day - we were able to ask them whatever questions we could think of. We asked about their views and values, what subjects they did in high school, their favourite and least favourite parts of their job, what the future holds for them, and more! They gave honest, insightful answers that we all appreciated and enjoyed.

I’d never really thought about the government sector before this excursion – and I think a lot of students have no idea what goes on in all levels of government (local, state, and federal). State government seems to have a great working environment, with interesting jobs and a diverse range of duties. The biggest lesson I learnt from this event is that there’s such a variety of roles – ones that involve marketing and research, engineering and science, health and education, and so much more. There’s the opportunity to try new things, work on important projects, and make a lasting impact on communities. I genuinely enjoyed the day, appreciated the opportunity to be involved in a great new program, and to now have more information at hand when thinking about my future!”